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The mission of the Mannis Foundation is to improve and enrich the lives of learning disabled and learning-challenged children, youth and adults by helping them overcome their learning challenges. Through the creation and support of accessible and effective programs and services, the Foundation seeks to help these underserved populations overcome their learning challenges and further achieve their educational and life goals.

Our Goals

The Mannis Foundation will provide a comprehensive range of innovative and supportive services, programs, information, resources, tools, and specialized care and coaching for learning disabled and learning-challenged children, youth, and adults whose educational and learning needs are not currently sufficiently being served.

The Foundation will seek to raise public awareness regarding learning issues; develop cross-sector collaborations that will enhance the provision of care and support to the learning disabled and learning-challenged population; and become an accessible resource on the latest research and best practices with respect to learning challenges.

Some of the groups the Foundation wishes to serve include:

  • Learning disabled children and young adults.
  • Children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other executive function difficulties.
  • Children and young adults with educational challenges stemming from medical illness or disorders, including cancer, who have specific needs related to their medical issues.
  • "Twice exceptional" students, in other words, gifted students who also have a learning disability.

Our Methodology

The Mannis Foundation is guided by a neuropsychological/developmental model that focuses on understanding an individual's unique learning style and working with that individual accordingly — whether such individual has a particular learning challenge or is highly gifted. Our methodology is based on integrating the best educational tools and technologies that Dr. Rebecca Mannis has developed in her 25 years of professional experience helping learning-challenged children and adults excel.


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